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The cytology lab performs preventive medicine tests (pap test).

It diagnoses and monitors oncological diseases as well as providing prognosis for various diseases.

Doctor looking through a microscope

The state-of-the-art technology, performance of conventional diagnostic cytology exams as well as the use of latest immunocytochemical techniques by our experienced medical staff ensure maximum reliability of the results.

Some the most common tests and examinations performed in our laboratory include:

Pap test
Liquid Phase Pap test (Thin Prep)
Thyroid nodule cytology (FNA)
Breast cytology (FNA)
Lymph node cytology (FNA)
Mucosal cytology (FNA)
Muscle cytology (FNA)
Abdominal wall cytology (FNA)
Salivary gland cytology (FNA)
Pleural fluid cytology (FNA)
Ascetic fluid cytology (FNA)
Soft tissue cytology (FNA)
Urinary cytology
Sputum cytology

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